About Us

My name is Peter and I have been in the music industry for so many years. According to my research, a most musician from Africa doesn’t have any means when it comes to music distribution. Most of these musicians are very talented and what they miss is the chance to be heard.

Having some knowledge about music marketing and distribution, I decided to start a website for free that I can use to distribute this great music from Africa all over the world. My site only distributes music for free and kindly note that we don’t sell any music.

If you are a musician from Africa, you are free to reach us through our official email; admin@africamusic.co.ke and let us know how we can help you. if maybe we have tampered with your copyrights, you can reach us through our email and your music to be removed from our site within 48 hours.

Anyone from the whole world is entitled to download music from this site for entertainment only. Let us join hands and by so doing our music will be heard in the whole world